Our most prestigious honor...

This distinction recognizes individuals or organizations who have made significant academic, volunteer, or philanthropic contributions to the growth and development of the Black Hawk College East Campus. Since 1992, the Black Hawk East College Foundation has inducted 30 individuals into its prestigious Wall of Fame. Contact us if you would like to tour the Wall of Fame.

BHC Wall of Fame


Our founders were the first to be inducted into the Wall of Fame, including Robert Eastman, Robert Glidden, Gust "Brick" Lundberg, E.O. Good and Roy "Tex" Reynolds. They were responsible for securing the funding necessary to purchase a site for a permanent campus and establish a library at the new campus through the creation of the Black Hawk East College Foundation. Their pioneering efforts—and those inductees since—have made the Black Hawk College East Campus the quality higher education institution it is today.

Additionally, we have honored numerous individuals and organizations with our Distinguished Service Award (shown below), which is presented during our Wall of Fame recognition events. Their names are proudly displayed on the Distinguished Service Award Plaque on the Wall of Fame.

In 2014, we expanded the Wall of Fame recognition program to include a named scholarship, grant, or special project for the East Campus, as a means to further recognize inductees for their exceptional academic achievements, scholarship, volunteer, or financial support to the Black Hawk College East Campus.


Black Hawk College East Campus Wall of Fame Inductees

Flora B. Alvarado

Carolyn Anderson

Lanny Anderson

Eldon “Bud” Aupperle (First faculty member)

Dr. Glenn Case (Founder, BHC East Campus)

Dannie Culver

Dr. Arthur W. DeCabooter

Robert Eastman (Founder, BHC East Foundation)

Robert Glidden (Founder, BHC East Foundation)

James Golby (Founder, BHC East Campus)

E.O. Good (Founder, BHC East Foundation)

Dan Hoge

Donna Irvin

Bert Jackson

Donald P. Lundberg

Gust “Brick” Lundberg (Founder, BHC East Foundation)

Ken Maguire

Eleanor L. Milnes

Doug Parrott

Jeana Petersen

Roy “Tex” Reynolds (Founder, BHC East Foundation)

Steve Spivey

Gerald Stapel

Marjabelle Stewart

Dale Swanson

Albert “Bert” Taylor

Ted Vlahos (Founder, BHC East Campus)

Dr. Charles O. Warthen

Robert Wenger

Jon Wolf




Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Wayne Becker

Black Hawk East Community Arts Council

The Clarke Family (Dave, Kevin and Carolyn)

Ken Findley

Jim Jacobs

Kewanee Chamber of Commerce

Kewanee Hospital

Kewanee Kiwanis Club

Kewanee Rotary Club

Kewanee Star Courier

Jean Kaine

Margot Wicklander Macauley

Betty Pillen

Otto Schweffel

Ron Shambaugh

Patty Varner



Wall of Fame Criteria



Nominees are required meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Outstanding service to a community within the Black Hawk College District.

  • Outstanding service or leadership to Black Hawk College East Campus.

  • Noteworthy academic achievement or scholarship associated with Black Hawk College East Campus.

  • Significant financial contribution to the Black Hawk College East Foundation.

Download Wall of Fame Nomination Form